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Welcome to AHRC/BT Digital Heritage Network Wiki

A place for members of the AHRC/BT Network for the "Landscapes, memories and cultural practices" project to share profiles and contact information, as well as any other useful information.

Network workshop notesEdit

Brief outline of notes and discussion from Dec 09 workshop

Dec 09 - National Museums Liverpool

Dec 09 - Robert C Allen

Dec 09 - Les Roberts

Dec 09 - David Cooper

Dec 09 - Sara Cohen

Dec 09 - Gary Priestnall

Brief outline of notes and discussion from Feb 10 workshop

Feb 10 - John O’Shea and Tim Brunsden

Feb 10 - Chris Speed

Feb 10 - Taylor Nuttall

Feb 10 - Keith Chervest

Feb 10 - Andy Gower

Feb 10 - Nigel Linge

Feb 10 - David Bodenhamer

Feb 10 - Keith Lilley

Feb 10 - Keiji Yano

Feb 10 - Trevor Harris

Brief outline of notes and discussion from May 10 workshop

May 10 - Robert C Allen

May 10 - Julia Bryan and Clare Ahmad

May 10 - Sara Cohen

May 10 - Ryan Shand

May 10 - Tim Brunsden

May 10 - Ian Gregory

May 10 - Les Roberts

May 10 - Chris Speed

May 10 - David Cooper

May 10 - Gary Priestnall

Latest activityEdit

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